"The rotary actuator became the steering and bearing system, providing the strength and flexibility the vehicle required without unnecessary weight, complexity, and maintenance of mechanical linkages."
CRAIG POPE, President
"With Helac's rotary actuator, we can now offer a turning radius of less than 2 ft for increased worksite versatility and efficiency."
MURRAY SERFLING, Engineering Manager
Huron Manufacturing
"We are using Helac actuators in the solar industry for a combination of increased reliability, accurate tracking and holding, and easier installation resulting in greater power production and lower operating costs."
"The compact design and low maintenance of Helac's rotary actuators make it the optimal choice to pivot our navigation tower 110 degrees."
JOE BECKHAM, Project Manager
Derecktor Shipyards
"We added rotary actuators to position our jib boom and platform for truly versatile positioning."

"Offering 360 degrees of rotation, the rotary actuators enabled our operators to roll the feed beam over to drill into the face, side, roof, and floor surfaces."
Sandvik Mining and Construction
"Helac's rotary actuators have made our aerial devices safer and much more efficient. Plus, we can easily stow our articulated jib under the boom for compact, convenient storage."
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