Community Involvement
Helac Corporation makes a difference in our community

Children and Education
The future of our community and our nation starts with helping to raise confident, well educated children. We support a gamut of programs aimed at our youngest community members, ranging from tutoring and education scholarships to youth sports and events.

Employee Involvement
We support all of the causes that our employees are involved in to help promote a balanced life style. Our employees have a diverse set of interests that include Campfire or Boy Scouts, choir, art, sports, and supporting Student Ambassadors.

Community Well Being
One of Helac's largest contributions for the well being of our community was to build a Helipad on our property for emergency care transfer. We also support our local healthcare, fire department and food bank to give back to the backbone of our community.

We take the responsibility of our environmental quality seriously both within and outside of our organization. Recycling and waste reduction programs paired with continuous improvement of internal processes ensure minimal environmental impact as we manufacture products to customers in 42 countries around the world.

Donation Requests
To make a request for a donation please email us at

Helac Engineering team supporting the EHS Robotics team